ten miler route

Our famous Spring Ten Miler starts (and finishes) in front of the golf clubhouse. All participants run the length of the driveway to Kennedy Road and back before getting on the golf course, to spread everyone out a bit. As you enter the North Course first you will be at approx. 1.2KM.

For this race, you will run part of the North Course, and all of the South Course (backwards). Once you enter the North Course, you will go backwards on 18North which will take you through some turns to 9North. Here you have an incline towards 10 & 11North. At 11North you have reached 3KM (all KMs are marked). After 11North you will cutover to 15North, a gorgeous hole, followed by 16North and then back down 9North and returning towards the clubhouse on 18North again.

At this point (approx. 6KM) our runners run along the back of the clubhouse towards the South Course where they will complete holes 18 to 1 in backwards order. The South Course is not as hilly as the North, but offers its own challenge and gorgeous scenery.


Once the "back nine" are completed, you will again pass the clubhouse to go from 10South to 9South. This is a great spot for spectators to cheer you on. Here you are at approx. 11KM and have completed the toughest part of the course! You will continue again backwards from 9South to 1South, where you will climb one last small hill to the driveway where you come in to finish.

Washrooms: depending on weather washrooms may or may not be available on-course, but they are available in the clubhouse as you pass at 1.2KM, 6KM, 11KM and at the end. We will do our best to open other on-course washrooms if we can (frozen water line issue).

Water/Electrolyte stations: These can be found at approx. 2.7KM, approx. 6KM, 9.2KM and 13KM.