spring ten miler Route

The route is on both our North and South golf courses. There is no specific map to show you as it is a golf course, see the description below. There will be water and electrolyte stations approx. every 3KM along the route as well as medical personnel, directional and KM signage and route marshals.

​ROUTE DESCRIPTION: (as at Jan 30th - if changes made due to weather in April they will be posted here with notice)

​To start the race, all participants will run from the front of the building (start line) down our driveway to Kennedy Road and back again, veering off into the North Course. This gives us 1.2KM to spread you guys out a bit before hitting the paths. First hole on the course you will be tackling is #18 North, a slow downward slope. The route then veers over to #9-11 North, with some gradual uphills and a water/electrolyte station at approx. 2.5KM.

​At the end of #11 you will cut over to #15 (well signed) and climb a bit again to #16. After #16 you will head back the way you came - #9 then up #18 towards the clubhouse, when you reach the clubhouse you have completed 6KM. You will run by the same water/electrolyte station at approx. 5KM and again at 6KM at the clubhouse.

After passing the back side of the clubhouse you will start going backwards (directionally  we mean - don't run backwards!) on our gorgeous South Course, starting with #18 and all the way back to #1. By then time you get to #15 you're at 8KM - halfway! The course along here has some rolling hills and a few climbs, challenging but beautiful. Just over the bridge on #13 you're at 9KM and almost at the next water/electrolyte station on the #12 hole.

The run back towards the clubhouse along #11 and #10 will again provide some tough hills (sorry!) but when you pass the clubhouse towards your last 9 holes you are at 11KM! Clubhouse is a great spot to run in for a pee if needed (also at 6KM and on course weather permitting). #9, #8 and #7 are beautiful holes, not too hilly, but #6 does offer a good hill (down but then up!) and another water/electrolyte station here (approx. 13KM).

After you climb up #5, #4 and #3 are fairly steady, will a sharp downhill on #2. Then you can kick it up a gradual incline up #1 to the Finish line!