10 Miler & 10KM

BOTH START: In the front of the clubhouse. Participants run down the driveway to Kennedy Road and back, heading off on to the North Course, 1st hole. They continue along #1, #2, #3 (quick up and down hill here) and then to the #4. Here participants have their first water & Gatorade station. 

Here participants (both 10M & 10KM) take a left turn towards the 9th hole. This is approx. 3KM. At the end of the 9th hole (up a slow hill) washrooms are available. We then continue onto #10, with a continued slow climb, towards #11. At the end of #11 we cut over to #15, where the second water & Gatorade station is. There are more washrooms here at #15. Continue along #16, #17 and #18 back towards the clubhouse. There is a slow climb uphill on #18.

Once at the clubhouse, you will run along the back of the clubhouse towards the South Course. While passing the clubhouse you will find the 3rd water & Gatorade station as well as washrooms inside if you need them. This is approx. 7.5KM on both routes.

Now the 10Milers go backwards along the entire South Course (other than #10 & #9 see below). The 10KM participants run down #18, #17 and after #16 head back towards the clubhouse along #10. They then pass the clubhouse, run a bit down #1 and circle back onto the driveway to finish.

The 10Milers continue along #15 (approx. 9KM) with washrooms again on the #15 hole. Along #14, #13, #12 catch the gorgeous scenery and 4th water station at the #12 hut. The course isn't steep but has rolling hills as you go along. 

After #11, participants take a 'shortcut' to #8 down a quick hill and under a bridge (two-way traffic here pay attention please!). Along #8 you will be approx. 12KM in. Continue on #7, #6, and then come to last water & Gatorade station at #6 hut. There are also washrooms here.

In the final stretch we have #5, #4, #3 and #2. Again, rolling hills along all these holes. After #2 you go back under the bridge and head up #1 towards the driveway, where you get back on the driveway and run to the FINISH!

5KM Route

REVISED! As of October 29

Due to golf course repairs & play, we will be hosting the 5K on the SOUTH Course now. It's quite simple - start & finish in the "South Staging" area on the south side of the building, and run #9 through #1 on the South Course!

The South course offers a challenge just like the North, some hills some flat, but mostly gorgeous scenery and fun! Water station on this route will be at approx. 2.5KM on the #6 hole (with washrooms)