No matter what route/race you choose, you will find it to be a challenge. The golf cart paths at Angus Glen offer beautiful scenery mixed with several hills (some quick and some not!). Enjoy yourself, whether you walk or run, and be sure to hydrate. There is a time limit on the course of 2.5 hours for the 10Miler and 2 hours for the 10KM (and 1 hour for the 5KM). 


Everyone starts & finishes at the north end of the clubhouse building. Participants begin heading straight onto the North Course #1, and continue through #2, and #3. They will find several hills and quick up and downs along these holes. At the #4 hole there is a small hut offering water if needed, this is approx. 2KM. Continue on to #5, #6 (3KM mark) and #7. Again, there are small hills as you run along - you will feel it in your legs! At #8 you will be close to 4KM, after running down a steep hill, and cut over to #18 to head back towards the finish line. There is plenty of signage and medical on course. CONGRATS!


Start and finish for both 10Miler & 10KM is in front of the clubhouse (but at separate times). Both routes are similar to close to the end. Begin by running down the driveway to Kennedy Road, turning around and coming back towards the clubhouse. Here participants head over to #1 North and continue on the North course through #2, #3, and #4, where the first water and Gatorade station is. After #4 there is a cutover to #9N (follow signage). Follow #9 (washrooms here), #10 (you're at 4KM here). Continue #11, then cutover to #15 where you will find the second water station and Gatorade, also washrooms. Continue along #15, #16, #17 and finally #18 (7KM along here). After #18 you will run along the BACK of the clubhouse (another water and Gatorade station here). You will then begin running backwards on the South course - from #18 to #17 and so on. After #16 South, 10KM participants head back towards the clubhouse along #10 South (follow signage) and 10Milers continue towards #15 South.

10Milers continue along #15 (approx. 9KM into the route, and washrooms here). The route follows #14, #13, etc towards the next water and Gatorade station at the #12 south tee box. Continue following the course on #11 (where you'll hit 11KM). NOTE HERE: instead of running down #10, you will cut over to the back end of #9 through a path that will be clearly marked. From here you will follow #8, #7, to #6 where there is another water and Gatorade station and washroom (and a sharp hill!). Continue on #5, #4 (approx. 14KM), #3, #2 and then up #1 South towards the driveway. Once you reach the driveway head back towards the finish line. CONGRATS!


After #16 North, cutover to #10 North (follow signage) and head back towards the clubhouse. Run through the clubhouse path area back on to the course onto #1 South (again, marked with signage) and follow path along the side of the driveway. You will see a sign indicating where to come back on to the driveway to join us at the Finish line. CONGRATS!


  • There is NO running on the course ahead of time, the golf course is private property and participants are not allowed to run on the course prior to race day or race times
  • Signage will be different for each race
  • Medical staff will be available on route and at clubhouse, let a marshal know if you need help
  • Water stations will be offering water and orange Gatorade