summer routes 

Five Miler Route - 6pm

For both events we start at the back of the clubhouse. In the Five Miler, participants run from the back to the front of the building and down the driveway to Kennedy Road, turning around at the gates and coming back. Once back at the clubhouse, head on to the North Course #1.

Participants then follow the North course on #1, #2, #3 and #4. At the #4 hole is where you will find the first water/electrolyte station. The first four holes are beautiful but a bit hilly - pace yourself! From here you continue on to #5 (there is a washroom on this hole), then #6 and #7. When you arrive at hole #8 you have completed 5KM and you are at the second water/electrolyte station. 

After completing #8, participants continue on #9, #10 - where they will cut over to hole #16 (plenty of signage). This is where the third water/electrolyte station will be. After completing #16, follow path to #17 and #18 - participants will finish up the 18th hole back to where they began behind the clubhouse.

Three Miler Route - 6:15pm

Again, this race begins at the back of the clubhouse under the arch. Three Milers do NOT go down the driveway, they head immediately on to the North golf course, #1. They follow a similar route to the Five Milers and continue on #2-#8 consecutively. The same water/electrolyte stations are available for this run at approximately 2KM and 3.8KM. Once participants complete #8, they will cutover to also finish up the 18th hole to the back of the clubhouse and the finish line.