5 Miler Route

Participants start under the S/F line in the North Staging area (backside of the clubhouse), then head out on the driveway towards Kennedy Road, turn around just before the Gate House and return. Upon returning to the clubhouse, participants head on to #1 North Course (follow signage). You will be at approx. 1.2KM once you get to the course path.

Continue on #1 through #4, following signage and marshals. There are several quick up and down hills in these first four holes, take your time! Then be sure to hydrate at the first water station located on #4 hole. Gatorade and water will be served here. 

Run through #4, then follow #5 through #8 where you will find the second Gatorade and water station. You will have passed a washroom at #5 if you need it, and again some good climbing hills. This course is a challenge! Again, be sure to hydrate as much as you can.

After #8, continue on to #9 & #10. There is another washroom at the Halfway House after #9. Continue following all arrows and marshals. After #10 you will cut over to #16 where you will find the third Gatorade/Water station. After the station you will continue on to #17 and #18 (18 is a good solid climb uphill, sorry!), finishing the race under the arch at the back of the clubhouse where you started!

3 Miler Route

Follow the same path as the 5 Miler Route until after #8 water station, here you cut off to head up #18 instead of going to #9. There will be plenty of signage and Marshals to help you it is not complicated. You finish in the same spot you started!