fall race weekend routes

5K: Saturday, November 4th at 9am

For our first race of the weekend, we gather at the back of the clubhouse for a run on the North Course. Heading up the 1st hole (quick hill!) and continuing in order along the golf holes 1 through 8 then finishing back at the same spot after running up 18. The course is a challenge, for sure, but also simply gorgeous - trees, fields, golf fairways and greens and often a bit of wildlife in the distance. The water station is at approx. 2KM on the 4th hole and washrooms available just before 3KM on the 5th hole.

Apple Creek Kids K: Saturday, November 4th at 10:15am

Our funnest run for the little ones leaves from the same spot as our 5K and goes up and back on the 18th hole. You can see the kids running the whole way and cheer them on!

10Miler: Sunday, November 5th at 9am

For our longest route, the 10 Miler, our participants run down the driveway from the front of the building and back again towards the golf course, in order to spread out a bit. Once completed the driveway, our participants head onto the North Course #1 (first steep hill found here!). The route follows the course along holes 1 through 4 where the first water/electrolyte station is. Here participants head over to the 8th hole, 9th hole and find the first washrooms at the end of 9th hole. We then continue on 10 and 11, where at the end we cutover to the 15th hole where the second water/electrolyte station is situated, washrooms are also close here. Next is 15-18 where we come off the North Course and head backwards on the South Course from 18 to 1. Water/electrolyte stations are at 7.5K near the clubhouse (also washrooms in clubhouse if you need them), again at 10.5K and 13K. See you at the Finish!

10K: Sunday, November 5th at 9:30am

Our 10K route is a similar challenge to our 10Miler, starting as well along the driveway and then the same golf course route 30 mins after the 10Miler starts. The route along the North Course is the same, but once they get to our South Course they head off after 16 South (around 9K) back down the 10 South hole towards our driveway and back in to the Finish line. Water/electrolyte stations are the same as listed above for the 10Miler.

Challenge level: for our Sunday events the challenge level is above-average. Most that have participated in our events would recommend working on your hills training before participating. Remember the first rule is to have fun and to stay hydrated! Enjoy yourself at this scenic location and one-of-a-kind route.