spring ten miler route

Our Ten Miler race begins and finishes in the same location in front of the AG clubhouse. Participants head down our driveway until they reach Kennedy Rd, and turn around and come back towards the start line before veering off onto Hole #18 of the North Course. This allows everyone to spread out a bit before hitting the cart paths.

Once on the golf course, you will head down #18 North (at approx 1.2KM at this point). This will take you over to #9 North, where you continue on through #10 and #11. There are slight ups and downs on these holes - not much of this golf course is flat!

After #11 North you will cut over to #15 North (all signed and marked) - this is now approx 4KM on the route. You will follow this from #15 to #16, #17 and finally back up #18 towards the clubhouse.

When you reach the back of the clubhouse you will be approx 6KM into the race. You will run along the back side of the clubhouse towards the South course, where you will go backwards on the entire course from #18 to #1. You will pass the side of the clubhouse at approx 11KM, between #10 South and #9 South.

​NB: if changes need to be made to route due to weather this page will be updated.

Water/Electrolyte stations: at 2.2KM, 5KM, 6KM, 9.2KM, 13KM

Washrooms at: 2.2KM, 5KM, 6KM, 8KM, 11KM, 13KM

* pls note we are doing our best to get the on-course washrooms open it will depend on weather and melt. No matter what, there are washrooms available at the beginning and end of the race in the clubhouse, as well as at 6KM and 11KM when you run by the clubhouse.